Introducing – Online C# IDE for Webhooks and Microservices

subroute-shuffle is a free online tool that enables developers familiar with C# to create API endpoints that can be used for a variety of different purposes. For example you could create an API that can be called from any front-end to provide data and logic for your application. However, the primary purpose of is to create custom logic that is triggered from a 3rd party service when some type of online action occurs. Actions such as when a user posts a comment to Facebook, an issue is posted GitHub, or a payment is received through PayPal. As you may already know, these APIs are called webhooks.

Most popular online services are already supporting webhooks, or are planning on supporting them in the future. It’s a very simple and powerful mechanism which enables separate systems to interface with each other which otherwise wouldn’t be possible without the use of webhooks. As you can imagine, you can support some very creative scenarios from marketing automation to DevOps support.

The real power of is its ability to compile and execute any custom code. The code could send an email, tweet, or text message, it could provide complex validation for online forms, or any number of other possibilities. Users of have the full depth and breadth of the .NET framework to enable whatever functionality they desire. Plus, with real Intellisense support in the online editor, the user can explore what’s available without digging through pages and pages of documentation.

On our road-map, I am planning on making all routes public, searchable, and shareable. I am also planning on supporting the ability to import NuGet packages. The possibility of creating a Visual Studio extension that allows you to create routes offline in a much more powerful editor may also become a reality. is completely free to use and open-source. Currently there are no limitations on memory or CPU resources, or how many times your route can be executed. I would appreciate your support on this project. Please show me your support and follow on Twitter and Facebook. Also, don’t forget to head over to, create an account, and happy coding!

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